Neumo-Vargus Marketing LTD., a subsidiary of the Neumo-Ehrenberg Group, has been active from 1964 on in the marketing and providing of innovative technological solutions in the field of machining, measurement and monitoring technologies and in a wide range of industrial equipment.
The Neumo-Ehrenberg Group includes “VARGUS” a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality cutting, grooving and deburring tools for the metals and plastics industries in addition to a number of global distribution and marketing companies.
Neumo-Vargus has vast experience in the field of accurate and innovative technical equipment and collaborates with leading manufacturers and suppliers around the world in order to create added value and a competitive advantage for customers.
Neumo-Vargus aims at integrating its human resources with leading manufactures and products to supply customers with innovational solutions for enhancing productivity and monitoring.

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